Nightclub Photography in Sydney

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Nightclub Photography in Sydney

Nightclub Photography in Sydney


With the time nightclub photography in Sydney has become a popular choice. It is especially fashionable with the young photographers. It turns out to be their first paying job. Enjoyable atmosphere of the nightclub is an added advantage for the photographers. It has given them a chance to enter any club in the world without any pass. By holding a camera in the shoulder the photographer can walk in to any prestigious nightclubs.


Sydney Nightclub Photography

Techniques and Equipment

A special technique is needed to capture nightclub photography. In a nightclub you have to capture photos in low light. Night photography, sync flash with slow mode and light painting are useful tools to click a photo. If you want to have a great picture then you need to have an external flash. However it is possible to get away with the sync flash with the basic slow mode.

You need to have a camera body that has been made to work better with the high quality ISO. Wide aperture lens are amazing for the nightclub photography. Cramped photos come alive with the wide angle lens. A quality of diffuser should be added with the off camera flash. You can stay ahead of your competitions with a transmitter in the flash.


How to set up your camera

After entering in to a club, you have to find a place to set up your camera. It should be an appropriate place to click photographs. All the actions must be captured from this place. It is better to control the camera with manual setting. Exposure should be set in different situations.

The aperture of the camera should be set according to the ambient light of the place. In order to become a professional in nightclub photographer, you need to understand the technicalities of the photography and camera.

Sydney Nightclub Photography

Sydney Nightclub Photography

Photos to take

There are mainly five shots for the nightclub photography. They are DJ photos, crowd, staff, people and venue. Most of the nightclubs have their customized and popular DJs in the console. These nightclubs are recognized with their DJs. Therefore you should take photographs of DJs. There will be light in the DJ console in comparison to other parts of the club. Therefore you should set the camera according to it. In order to have an interesting picture you should have a wide aperture and wide angle lens. It will be enable the light to reflect from the shirt of the DJ.

Sydney Nightclub Photography


Ideas for Different Styles

You should always consider about the context of the photograph. It is possible to go with the rule of one third. Background details should be included in the photograph in order to make it more interesting. Ambient light should be included in the photography. Flash of the camera should be set adequately with the setting. The blur effect can be avoided with the slow sync facility in the flash. Shutter speed can be used effectively to create a unique photo. You can match the camera movement with action of the scene as well. Exciting photos can be clicked with the cool effects. However it is always better to have a great light source nearby.


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Good luck with you journey in becoming a nightclub photographer


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