Nightclub Photography is NOT for everyone

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Nightclub Photography is NOT for everyone

Nightclub Photography is NOT for everyone

I am writing today about why Nightclub Photography is NOT for everyone.

So How did this started ? Recently everybody is talking about my Nightclub Photography & all the hot chicks I meet and talk every weekend, most of them think that I am there to pick up and that’s it.

I’d understand if this comments are coming from normal guys looking at my photos but unfortunately I get similar comments from fellow photographers. a bit weird I know.


Manly Nightclub

Back to the title, Why Nightclub Photography is Not for YOU.

  • if you think it’s about partying and clubbing Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you think it’s about picking up chicks Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you think it’s about drugs Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you think it’s about free drinks Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you thinks it’s about kisses and hugs Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you can’t handle drunk people Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you don’t want to deal with aggressive people Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you are too scared to approach people Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you are not very friendly but firm Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you are too scared about you cloth, shoes or even equipment Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you are married with kids probably Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you think it’s same as any type of photography Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you can’t stand mother sending you emails and asking about their daughters Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU
  • if you can’t stand after after taking all this photos of couple someone come and asks you to delete the photos because he’s/she’s married Nightclub Photography is NOT for YOU


Manly Nightclub

Below is some nightclub photography tips (it’s my own guide or rules it works for me but doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone)

1) The main reason you are in the club is to take photos
2) Your equipment is expensive, be very careful from drinks spill
3) I hardly recommend that you invest in a public liability and equipment insurance
4) Don’t take a photo of someone who doesn’t want a photo
5) Never show the girl her photo because they are never satisfied
6) If somebody tried to drag you to a fight don’t listen and just ask the bounces to kick him out
7) If a girl is all over you don’t let her distract you from you JOB
8) Be friendly with everyone and remember to keep your smile all the time no matter what happens
9) If people want to take a photo with you do it
10) Many people will ask you to take a photo with your camera. DON’T risk your equipment otherwise you might be out of business
11) Don’t drink and shoot (it’s hard one)
12) After you documented the night or event and happy with your work it’s time to enjoy the night with the crowd if you still have energy



I don’t want to go go into technical details now but maybe later I’ll start writing some technical photography tips aimed at nightclubs ad low light events.

Check my Other article about NightClub Photography is Sydney &  Hens Night Photography


George Azmy
Wedding Photographer Sydney, Australia


Nightclub Photography
Article Name
Nightclub Photography
Nightclub photography attract lot of photographers nowadays, Read this to know why nightclub photography is NOT for you


  1. Great article, I always wanted to do nightclub photography but after reading your article I realized that it’s not as fun and easy as it looks like. if you don’t mind asking which nightclubs do you do your photography. once again thanks for this great tips and resource.

  2. A work mate recommended me to this resource. Thnx for the information.

  3. Thanks Patricia, I am glad you like the information provided.

  4. Hi Nicky, well you are not the only one who thought it’s easy and fun only. and to be honest it’s fun I won’t say easy. but it does involve lot of hard work as well.

    I shoot in many Nightclubs in Sydney, Australia
    which includes but not limited to:
    1) Shore Club – Manly
    2) Ivan – Manly
    3) Kings Cross Hotel – Kings Cross
    4) The Bank – Kings Cross
    5) Sapphire Lounge – Kings Cross
    6) SFX (St James Hotel) – Sydney CBD
    7) Hill Side – Castle Hill
    8) Crown Hotel – Parramatta
    9) Hugos- Kings Cross
    10) Casablanca – Double Bay
    11) Flamingo lounge – Kings Cross

    and few more

    every night club got different shooting condition regarding lighting, walls height & colors and you have to be very fast to adapt in the first day and later on you just know what to do.

    Please fell free to write in here whatever you feel like.

    and thanks for stopping by :)

  5. That’s very useful tips specially for photography newbie like me :)
    Thanks very much for all your efforts

  6. I just want to say that you are the best Sydney nightclub photographer ever. I am Maya who called you to ask where you are photographing now. we all love you and will go to any nightclub you go to xxxx

  7. Hi, nice article. I really like it!

  8. Thanks a lot Alex, I am glad you like :)

  9. You left me speechless Maya. I was overwhelmed by your phone call and now by your post. Thanks and catch up soon :)

  10. whenever you feel like you need any help with your photography send me an email or just leave a comment here

  11. Hey George, Is it true that Manly Shore Club currently Manly Beach House didn’t pay you your money ?

  12. I used to be able to find good information from your articles.

  13. Simply you are the most professional nightclub photographer I’ve ever seen

  14. Yes it’s sad and true, they didn’t pay me the latest invoices and didn’t act professional after all the efforts I made for them I was dealing with Anthony Bailey “” &
    Sean Heanen “” HB Leisure, Wyndham Building, Level 9, 1 Corporate Court, Bundall QLD 4217.but they now ignore my email or phone calls, recently Lucie Bauermeister from Manly Beach House contacted me and promised to find a solution and I am still waiting.
    Just an Update : Lucie Bauermeister never contacted me back and I sent her few message and emails no response.
    So the situation still as it is they never paid the outstanding invoices

  15. Thanks a lot I love my job and that’s why

  16. Hello, I was wondering how I could get a start in club photography?

  17. Hi Andrew,
    I am not sure whether you are asking about how to start nightclub photography business or how to start nightclub photography techniques.

    to start shooting in nightclub and get paid you need a portfolio, if you don’t you can start by approaching other nightclub photographers tell then what you want exactly and I am sure there is a many of them are willing to help you.
    the other way is approaching nightclubs that don’t have a resident photographer and approach the club manager and offer him to do the photography for the first night free of charge.

    if you are asking about the nightclub photography techniques I might write a small simple guide soon.

  18. This is a fantastic article. I am really going to use your tips.

  19. Fantastic photography talent, you definitely know your camera, lenses and how to use flashes and lights to capture the best moments and actions of any party and event.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this nightclub photography tips, you made it fun and gave us great information.

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