Orthodox Wedding Photographer Sydney

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Orthodox Wedding Photographer Sydney

Orthodox Wedding Photographer in Sydney and how to choose ?

The Catholic wedding photography is relatively different from the Orthodox weddings. Generally Lebanese, Egyptian, Ukrainian, Russian, or Greek weddings are categorized as the Orthodox weddings. Apart from the common aspects, these weddings have some significant differences as well. If you are planning to hire a photographer for Orthodox weddings in the church, you should ensure that the photographer is well-informed about the important aspects of the ceremony. Since not all church authorities allow people to enter the altar, a knowledgeable and experienced photographer should be well prepared in advance. To avoid any unwanted issues, you should ensure that your photographer has spoken to the priest prior to the ceremony and discussed about the probable range of movement.

Orthodox Wedding Photographer in Sydney

Orthodox Wedding Photographer in Sydney

The altar located in an Orthodox church is basically a sanctuary which is decorated with lights and icons. An ornamented door is located in the center of the altar. Nobody, excepting the priest, is permitted to enter the altar. Orthodox weddings photographers are aware of the fact that the proper position is very important to get a good view of the couple as well as the priest. Therefore by seeking permission from the priest in advance, a good photographer positions himself/herself outside that door either on the bride’s side or the groom’s side. You must hire a wedding photographer who has a good understanding about the important rituals of the ceremony so that he/she can capture those memorable moments.

Although the above mentioned qualities of a photographer are very important, there are some basic guidelines which must be followed in choosing the perfect photographer for your Orthodox wedding ceremony.

  • You should evaluate your photographer’s portfolio: The photographers have their distinctive style of taking pictures. Some adopt modern or edgy techniques and some adopt more traditional methodologies. Therefore, you should choose that photographer who matches your style.
  • Watch the Budget: You should develop your budget by considering various hidden costs like package inclusions, extra print charges, overtime, and location fees. After figuring out the budget you must try to stick to it. Discuss freely with the wedding photographer about all hidden fees prior to hiring him for taking photographs on the most precious day in your life. To get affordable rates you can do some research on the Internet.
  • You can ask for the referrals: Since photographers develop either good or bad reputation, it is worthwhile to see which professional photographer is known for his quality of work and professionalism. Ask for the recommendations of acquaintances, family members, and friends.
  • Check for compatibility: This is very important because on the wedding day you will be all stressed out to look into every detail. A photographer who can gel with the wedding guests in a friendly manner is a huge plus. An ideal wedding photographer is the one who can make you feel calm and comfortable on wedding day.
Orthodox Wedding Photographer in Sydney

Orthodox Wedding Photographer in Sydney

700 500 Photography team is highly experienced in all wedding photography with a special understanding to the Orthodox Wedding Photography ceremony and tradition, with captured over the years tens of Orthodox weddings for various ethnicity.

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Wedding Photographer Sydney, Australia

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