Fashion & Portrait

I do not call myself a fashion or glamour photographer, rather, I am a people photographer.

“Our job is not to make you look beautiful, our job is to show you how beautiful you are.” 


Fashion photography is used as and umbrella term for many type and style of photography these days which includes but not limited to the categories below:

  • High Fashion Photography:

High Fashion Photography is all about the clothing and/or luxury accessories. The High fashion models must have specific requirement(only 1% of the population is blessed with)  for eg. Their faces have a unique bone structure and tend to be 179 cm and above. it’s important to point out that it’s more about the product than the model.

  • Runway modelling Photography:

Called catalog photography, Models will be changing and parading the clothes up and down a catwalk. again it’s all about the clothing and accessories not about the model.

  • Editorial Photography:

The model is on location, in an environment, or living/interacting with a lifestyle, it’s not much posing and more relaxed than the first two types. 

  • Glamour Photography:

It’s all about you in this type of photography. The main focus is to show the beauty of the model, it been used as a gift for husbands and lovers. it’s this photo session that’s all about you and about knowing how beautiful you are.

  • Portrait Photography:

 It’s simply a portrait, a professional photo of you. 


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