Katrina A
Your work is amazing, you are a fantastic professional photographer! So genuine and you can see it in your work. Well done
Doreen Jones
A huge THANK YOU to 700 500 photographie ( By : George Boushra)for the fabulous photos – you made my day, Nicola and I sat and laughed and laughed at some of them – you must have had so much fun sorting them also ….  EXCELLENT job George, thank you so much ♥
Scott (Mr. Sold)
You two are phenomenal- Really energetic Photographers who get the job without any drama.Very Smooth.  Cheers and HUGE success. ..
M. H
Truly captures the moment! I just saw the pictures you took, and you are simply amazing!! Captured many wonderful and irreplaceable moments. THANK YOU SO MUCH GEORGE!!! ..
Roxy Anderson
Love these photos, best photographer ever!!!
Sian RippinthePit John
you are the best ..
Imee Catherine
Yipeeee! Thanks george :) you’ve been amazing :)




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