What’s Happening Nikon ??!!!

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What’s Happening Nikon ??!!!

My Experience with most Nikon Defects

Today I am writing about my frustration from Nikon Defects.

I am a very loyal customer by nature as long as the company satisfy my needs.

I’ve been a Nikonian photographer and a Nikon advocate for few years now, however recently I star having few issues with their products and finding defects is not what upsets me but Nikon denying the existence of this defects and blaming the users is what does upset me.

Also that fact that Nikon stopped supplying the repair centers with spare parts (if not Authorized by them) is just way to raise the repair price and force you to go through them for service or repair

I am still a Nikonian photographer though but I decided the document all the defects/issues I’ve faced myself or my close friends.

I am gonna mention some fixed but not all as I might not be aware of it

Don’t expect all the issues here or a cheap fix. I am not an expert this is just my experience.


Nikon D700 :

Hot Shoe issue

The hotshoe of the camera becomes lose by the time specially when using an SB900/SB910 or using flash modifiers such as Gary Fong (once happened all your flashed will start flick and misfire like a disco in the events only good thing if you are going as a clown not a photographer).

The supplied hotshoe simply can’t stand the weight I assume due to the inferior quality used.

hotshoe replacement (be ready for the bill shock), however the new hotshoe are much more stronger.

Rubber Grip peeling off:

Well Nikon used an eco-friendly glue so with the heavy use or time the rubber grips starts to peel out.

The Fix: Nikon does replace the rubber grips at a reasonable price.


Nikon D600:

Sensor Dust issue:

It’s simple The Nikon D600 sensor collects dust that affect you picture with dark spot specially with long exposures

The Fix: Finally Nikon admitted the fact and offer a sensor cleaning free of charge for all Nikon D600, after a chat with the guys in the Nikon Australia repair centre they advised me that it stops after the first 5000 photo.


Nikon D800

D800+Sb900/Sb700 Af Assist Back focusing :

When using Nikon D800 + SB900 or SB700 flash and have the AF-Assist (IR) on in many cases you get back focusing. (the defect is some models not all)

When using the Nikon D800 with SB800 or SB600 works fine

The Fix: None yet, however some reviews online believe that adjusting the AF tuning -10 to -20 fix the issue, For me this is not a Fix. I hope Nikon will address a Fix in the coming firmware


Nikon D7000

Back focusing:

I had a good copy of the D7000 never had back focusing issues however many of my friends got bad copies that cause a bit of blurry picture

The Fix: Recalibration in the service centre.


Nikon SB900

Overheating :

The SB900 is a very powerful unit with lot of power, the continues/high power use of the SB900 cause it to overheat and stop working until it cools down take maybe 10 min depending on the weather conditions.

Lot of debates regarding this issue and many people blaming the users. I am a professional wedding and events photographer, I need to get the shot no matter what’s the cost I got the SB900 shutting down on me many times and I lost lot of important moments.

The silly fixes:

  • The most common Read the manual (it says something similar to avoid continues shooting)
  • increase the ISO (well I don’t want to)
  • shot a low aperture
  • don’t use diffuser
  • don’t bounce
  • update firmware
  • get SB910 (Same flash it just reduce the power when it over heat causing photos to be underexposed instead of shutting down and losing the whole moment)
  • Don’t use rechargeable batteries

My Fix : I bought an SB700 and a Metz and never regretted this decision. I still own the SB900 and use it in fashion shoots and as a commander and it does the job pretty well


Nikon Lenses:

The Focus and Zoom rubber peel off:

I had this happening in two lenses, I didn’t bother fixing it still does the job perfectly but reduce the resale value.

At the end I am sure that there is heaps more issues/defects and negatives with those Nikon products and other Nikon Products but maybe I didn’t face it. And once again what I don’t understand why doesn’t Nikon address this issues and fix it out of warrantee it’s all obvious defects and takes then just two minutes to search in Google and see the amount of photographers complaining.

But what can we say Nikon is not here to make us take better photos they are here to make profits.

George Azmy

Sydney based wedding photographer.


  1. Thanks for consolidating all the defects George. I’m a D600 owner as well and I can’t believe they released a D610 just to address the dust issue. But I can confirm that the dust is finally gone off my camera (I did several self clean passes).

    Now I’m wondering what kind of a storm the new Nikon DF will kick up. I’m sure it’ll be plagued with issues.

    PS: I heard something about the D800 having some auto focus point issues. Is that true?

  2. Any information about the silent recall on many of the recent Nikon cameras & lenses ?

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