Your Wedding Photographer is more than just a photographer

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Your Wedding Photographer is more than just a photographer

Being a Wedding photographer is not just a job.

It is a way of living, whenever we are hired to do a photo shoot of any kind or document an important event like you wedding or engagement we become completely immersed in the project. As a wedding photographer is even more involved in their craft.

Because your wedding is one of the most important days of your life the person hired to document it is involved in every tiny detail so that they can be sure to capture every element and preserve it for the rest of your life. They may be a stranger when you meet but often become a part of your family and a lifelong friend.


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We spend hours with the bride discussing the venue, the decorations, the outfits for the bridesmaids and of course her wedding gown. As a wedding photographer we know just how important this day is to both the bride and groom and all the family,so we make sure that every single beautiful moment is captured, a memory frozen in time which can be revisited years and decades in the future.

As your children grow and learn about the day their parents got married, your wedding photographer may be there to point out a specific photograph that was taken just before or just after an especially memorable moment. The bond forged between the bridal couple and their photographer is one which can last the rest of their lives and is as close as that of a sibling or childhood friend.


Wedding photographer in Sydney


This is why choosing a photographer for your wedding is about more thanjust flipping through the phonebook and choosing the first name that jumps out at you. Your wedding is a momentous occasion, but choosing someone who just takes a great photo is not enough, you also need to consider their personality. The person documenting the day your fairytale begins needs to be someone that both you and your spouse-to-be get on with and like. it’s someone who enjoy his company and chat, someone who you can trust and be sure that he will deliver on the professional and personal side.

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